Perle d’Ayala - Champagne Ayala

Perle d’Ayala Authentic

The art of blending the Champenois Grands Crus

Perle d’Ayala - Champagne Ayala

The Craftsmanship

Genuine work of art, the cuvée Perle d’AYALA unites the most beautiful Grands Crus of Champagne. Almost confidential, this cuvée enhances the essence of the terroir of Champagne all while maintaining the purest respect for the House style. The Perle is elaborated in very limited quantities, and only during the most beautiful years.

Made up of a majority of Chardonnay, this prestigious cuvée reveals the AYALA style with great intensity. This is a champagne with a rare elegance and an exceptional purity, combining finesse and aromatic complexity.

Perle d’Ayala - Champagne Ayala

The Traditional Art of Champagne

Unique, the cuvée Perle d’AYALA receives special attention throughout the entirety of its elaboration. Following the singular art of the blend, the AYALA savoir-faire reveals itself through the respect of a traditional crafts of Champagne.

The extended ageing in the cellars is carried out with a natural cork closure during more than 8 years, while the riddling and the disgorging are both done by hand. The precise gestures, passionately inheritable, imparts the wine its unparalleled expression.

Perle d’Ayala - Champagne Ayala

Food Pairings

Perle d’AYALA 2006, thanks to the remarkable pedigree of the crus composing its blend, pairs marvelously with noble dishes such as semi-seared foie gras, a fattened Bresse chicken with mushrooms or a braised veal sweetbread.

Technical Data


  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir

100% GRANDS CRUS : Chouilly, Avize, Oger, Aÿ

Ageing : 8 years on lees on average

Dosage : 6 g/L

Tasting notes

  • Colour
    Bright and intense yellow
  • Nose
    Expressive and full, notes of cooked white fruits, clear honey
  • Palate
    Generous and opulent, balance, power, tension, refined finish, long and smooth