Launching Atelier Vignoble - Champagne Ayala

Atelier VignobleChampagne AYALA

Tribute to Nature

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, Champagne AYALA had the pleasure of welcoming its partner winegrowers for the tasting of the Vins Clairs from the 2023 harvest. It was a special moment of sharing during which the Maison was able to present its new project: Atelier Vignoble!

Launching Atelier Vignoble - Champagne Ayala

Atelier vignoble

Driven by this unique vision and always rooted in the heart of the Grands Crus in Aÿ, Champagne AYALA serves as both protector and promoter of the Champagne region. This year, the Maison is launching a new project that will bring together men and women committed to preserving the Champagne vineyards through immersive workshops.

The ambition is to deepen our knowledge of the Terroirs in order to reveal their diverse expressions while addressing climate change by implementing sustainable viticulture practices and reducing our environmental impact.

« From a unique diversity of Terroirs comes singularity and excellence of the Champagne’s vineyard. It is our common responsibility to preserve and introduce them, without any artifice. »

Atelier Vignoble: 3 topics for 2024

Terroirs and Plot Selection: The goal is to deepen our knowledge of Champagne Terroirs to adapt our viticultural practices and enhance them in our blends.

Living & Fertile Soils: The goal is to develop a network of trials for innovative technical itineraries to regenerate soils and revive mineralization.

Vine Resilience: The goal is to diversify our “toolbox” with innovations and sustainable products for more resilient vines against climate change and pests.