Luke Holder, Lime Wood Hotel - Champagne Ayala

Luke Holder,Lime Wood Hotel

Chefs Engagés

The House highlights Chefs from around the world and shares their vision on raw materials, human commitment, and tomorrow's challenges in their profession. Meet Luke Holder at Lime Wood Hotel, second Chef of this commited community.

For this second capsule, Maison AYALA invites you to meet Chef Luke Holder, one of those chefs who is pushing the boundaries of his profession and a long-standing partner of Champagne AYALA. Co-founder of the restaurant “Hartnett Holder & Co”, Luke Holder is a fervent advocate for local and sustainable products. He is committed to instilling this profound respect for ingredients and understanding in his team, with whom he is celebrating 10 years of collaboration at Lime Wood Hotel in Hampshire, England. Resolutely committed, Chef Luke Holder aims to have a positive impact and drive industry change, whether through his “Chefs Against Plastic” initiative or implementing a 3.5-day work week, placing the well-being of his brigade at the heart of his vision.

The esssence of a great Chef

Lime Wood restaurant is taking a unique approach to connecting chefs with the source of their ingredients. By sending chefs into the fields for harvesting and sowing, they aim to deepen their understanding and respect for the products they use. This philosophy underscores the essence of great cooking: selecting prime ingredients and showcasing them to guests in a sympathetic manner.

At Lime Wood, the focus is on finding exceptional producers and supporting them, all while minimizing the environmental impact by reducing transportation miles. Additionally, the restaurant is committed to backing local community projects, creating a holistic dining experience that is both exciting and rooted in simplicity.

Luke Holder, Lime Wood Hotel - Champagne Ayala

People at the core

One source of immense pride for Luke Holder is the longstanding commitment of eight team members who have dedicated ten years or more to Lime Wood, highlighting the Chef’s dedication to cultivating a supportive and respectful workplace, by having, for exemple, implemented a three and a half day working week to promote a healthier work-life balance. Additionally, Chef Luke Holder empowers his chefs by granting them a month of complete autonomy over the menu, deriving great satisfaction from witnessing their professional growth.
One of Luke Holder’s strong beliefs is that a business’s values form the foundation of its success.