Gastronomic and committed experience in the heart of Paris - Champagne Ayala

Contours of AYALA, A/18 Edition

Contours of AYALA

In the heart of Paris, on Monday, 27th May happened the 2nd event of the serie Contours of AYALA, an event dedicated to the relaunch of our new emblematic cuvée : AYALA Le Blanc de Blancs A/18. An evening marked by a gastronomic and committed experience.

Launch of AYALA Le Blanc de Blancs A/18

Last year, at the occasion of the 1st event of our serie « Contours of AYALA » Champagne AYALA relaunched its three multi-cru and multi-vintage cuvées: AYALA Brut Majeur, AYALA Brut Nature, and AYALA Rosé Majeur. This was the culmination of a 10-year oenological project with blends predominantly of Chardonnay. AYALA being the only historic House with a majority of Chardonnay across all its cuvées. An evening during which the team introduced the new blends in a proprietary bottle design, optimized for aromatic development and aging.

In 2024, for the 2nd edition of Contours of AYALA, Champagne AYALA is taking a bold step forward by reintroducing its iconic cuvée: AYALA Le Blanc de Blancs, an exceptional champagne crafted exclusively from grands and premiers crus of Chardonnay. The complementarity of two terroirs, expressing the purity of the chalky soils from the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims, is highlighted in this first edition, A/18, centered around the 2018 harvest. With an extra brut dosage, true to AYALA’s signature style, the less, the better. A six-year aging process enhances its aromatic complexity, resulting in a champagne with luminous fine bubbles, a crisp attack, and tasting notes of blood orange and pastry. This wine is incredibly vibrant, featuring beautiful bitters and a remarkable chalky minerality.

It was meaningful to launch this new cuvée through the mission carried by the Maison: Honor the essence, to honor the finest expression of the champagne’s terroirs, without any artifice, and celebrate the importance of sharing moments! To achieve this, Champagne AYALA has partnered with Alice Arnoux, chef and owner of Café de l’Usine. She joins AYALA’s ambassador program, the Chefs Engagés community, sharing the Maison’s values and vision. The Maison aims to create this community as a metaphor for the diversity of crus with which it crafts its champagnes. Each chef brings a different personality and approach.

AYALA’s community reflects the richness of tomorrow’s cuisine. Among the Chefs, David Sulpice, Michelin-starred chef of Villa l’Etang Blanc in the Landes, sees his cuisine as a reflection of his environment, working with local producers. Luke Holder, chef at Limewood Hotel in Hampshire, initiator of the #chef against plastic project, firmly believes in the need for change. Gianni Pinto, chef of NOI, left Italy for Madrid to share his passion for Italian gastronomy. And Alice Arnoux, who, after returning to her roots, offers simple cuisine while preserving the taste and purity of each ingredient.

A gatronomic experience by Cheffe Alice Arnoux

Alice Arnoux, originally from the Arcachon Basin, embodies a return to the essentials and roots in her culinary journey. She values the simplicity and integrity of ingredients, as demonstrated by her collaboration with Poissonnerie VIOT to preserve the freshness of oysters without ice. Her entrepreneurial project, Le Café de l’Usine, which will soon open near the location of the event, in the heart of the 11th arrondissement, will highlight AYALA champagnes. This collaboration reflects shared values of independence, sincerity, and generosity. In the kitchen, Alice is committed to minimizing waste, following the seasons, and favoring traditional cooking techniques such as braising or steaming, echoing AYALA’s philosophy of ‘from the earth to the mouth.’

During the evening, guests were able to taste dishes designed to complement AYALA Le Blanc de Blancs, revealing its purity and freshness through various culinary workshops: rolls of brined vine leaves with prepared rice, preserved lemon, and preserved egg; a special No. 3 oyster bar; and a refined crudité table with a light verbena & champagne mayonnaise ; and many more creations.