Gianni Pinto, Noi - Champagne Ayala

Gianni Pinto,Noi

Chefs Engagés

Maison AYALA has met with likeminded chefs from around the world to discuss common commitments and values, highlithing their social and environmental approach to making things happen. Bulding a community through collaborations on Champagne AYALA's social media, meet Gianni Pinto at Noi, in Madrid, the 3rd member of our community of committed chefs, after David Sulpice at La Villa l'Etang Blanc, and Luke Holder at Limewood Hotel.​

For this third capsule, Champagne AYALA invites you to meet Chef Gianni Pinto, an Italian chef who decided to settle and open a restaurant in the heart of the vibrant city of Madrid. He is resolutely determined to share his Italian heritage with another culture, through his cuisine at Noi. ​
His purpose being to export « that part of creativity and elegance that makes Italian famous in the entire world »​

Culinary heritage is essential to Chef Gianni Pinto’s cooking, bringing his italian cuisine to Spain, a new country and culture. Dedicated to share his homemade and handmade craftsmanship, Gianni Pinto is also giving a great significance to the well-being of his Team at Noi.​

From Italy to Spain

The story of Gianni Pinto is quite similar to the one of Champagne AYALA’s founder, Edmond de AYALA. Both passionate entrepreneurs who decided to settle away from their origines, bringing their heritage. For Gianni Pinto, Culinary heritage is essential to his cuisine. Coming from the south part of Italy, the Chef received his training in the northern part of Italy. His vision of cooking his embeded by creativty and is limitless, blending together specalties to both regions of Italy to spanish people.

His mission is to export the „Made in Italy“, that part of creativity and elegance that is proper to Italians.

Gianni Pinto, Noi - Champagne Ayala

Homemade and Handmade

In the world of fine dining and exceptional Champagne, Hadrien Mouflard, Managing Director of Champagne AYALA, and Gianni Pinto, the talented Chef of Noi, share a profound vision. They believe that craftsmanship is not just a method but the very heartbeat of excellence and sustainability. For Gianni, craftsmanship is an intellectual endeavor, meticulously brought to life through human hands. Though this process demands time and patience, Gianni finds immense joy in creating handmade dishes. This joy, he believes, is a gift that he passes on to his customers, ensuring their satisfaction mirrors his own.

In Gianni’s kitchen, the focus on artisanal practices draws a unique profiles of employees — those who resonate with his passion for craftsmanship. This shared sensibility fosters a community within his team, driving the restaurant to evolve with greater determination and strength. Gianni sees endless possibilities in working with raw ingredients, as they provide an infinite source of creativity, turning every dish into a masterpiece in his restaurant, at Noi.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

For Gianni Pinto, the daily grind of entrepreneurship is the most formidable challenge. He firmly believes that experience, whether it’s a string of successes or a series of setbacks, is essential. It’s this accumulation of experiences that equips one with the resilience to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise.

Gianni places a high priority on having a loyal team by his side. He cherishes a team that not only shares the vision of Noi but also actively contributes to its growth. To foster this environment, Gianni is deeply committed to the personal and professional development of his team members. He encourages them to enhance their skills and seize every opportunity for advancement. Gianni believes that the possibilities for growth are boundless, hinging only on each individual’s willingness to embrace them. This nurturing approach ensures that the entire team moves forward together, stronger and more united.