2023 harvest report - Champagne Ayala

2023Harvest Report

Tribute to Nature

A year that follows the Maison's wine project, with the ambition for Champagne AYALA to embody the Chardonnay’s excellence and expertise in Champagne.

The year 2023 appears to be a rather typical year in Champagne, with good conditions throughout the year. The viticultural campaign was spared from frost and hail. However, there was a significant presence of downy and powdery mildew pressure. Regular and abundant rainfall in March and April helped compensate after a dry winter. The mildew epidemic established gradually. The vineyard teams‘ reactivity becomes crucial in the race for treatment. After a cool early spring, a dry and durable period sets in from June. Warm and sunny days lead to good growing dynamics and bring a sense of serenity back to the vineyard.

The flowering occurs in excellent conditions, promising a generous harvest. However, the gloomy summer weather leads to the formation of rot spots, particularly on the black grape varieties. It is, therefore, a harvest with mixed results, where Chardonnay will perform better.

A Chardonnay year

Regardless of the sector or cru, this year’s Chardonnays are magnificent and abundant.
The House’s iconic grape variety has the particularity of accepting large yields, and continues to increase sugar levels throughout its development, remaining balanced despite the large volume of the bunches.

This year we are harvesting a record volume of Chardonnay, much more abundant than the Pinots. A true reflection of the team’s long and meticulous supply work.
With an average degree of 10.2 on our Chardonnays, we’re confident about the potential and quality of the wines we’ll have available for the blends.

2023 harvest report - Champagne Ayala

A strengthened team

This year we went further in supporting our vine grower partners, thanks to the new relationships formed during the viticultural campaign with the arrival of our Vineyard and Supply Manager, Pauline Mazeau.

We were able to provide support, especially on specific crus, by monitoring ripeness and sugar level. A moment of exchange and collaboration to select the best plots and manage the picking process effectively.

2023 harvest report - Champagne Ayala

a mixed year

2023, a more challenging year for Pinot Noir and Meunier, which will barely reach 9.5% alcohol by volume. Thanks to significant sorting efforts and a thorough respect for instructions, the musts are of high quality!

The 2023 harvest was rich in exchanges between the AYALA team on the field and our partners, requiring great agility from everyone.

2023 harvest report - Champagne Ayala

A promising winery

82 crus (including all the Côte des Blancs crus) from 76 different pressing centers, covering the entire Champagne denomination were received in our winery during the 2023 harvest.
A great outcome to support our development projects and Maison AYALA’s growth dynamic!

„We find typical Champagne characteristics in this vintage, with a more classical profile of citrus and acidity. I look forward to discover the potential of the wines from this harvest in a few months.“ confides Julian Gout, Cellar Master at Champagne AYALA.