New Blend, New Bottle Shape - Champagne Ayala

New Blend, new bottle shape

Purity as a Claim

Champagne AYALA ‘s three brut cuvées given a new bottle shape inspired by the Maison's winemaking pillars.

Champagne AYALA reveals Brut Majeur, Brut Nature and Rosé Majeur with high precision blends made predominantly from Chardonnay, in a signature bottle shape


Champagne AYALA invites you to rediscover Brut Majeur through a new blend, designed to underline the Maison’s winemaking pillars This new cuvée, made predominantly from Chardonnay, is multi vintage and multi cru and aims to
embody what expertise and excellence can achieve when producing Chardonnay in Champagne.
This new high precision blend will now:

  • Be made predominantly from Chardonnay the blend for Brut Majeur will go from 45 to 55% Chardonnay. Maison’s signature grape variety will now make up the majority of all the blends in the range
  • Contain a great diversity of crus more than 70 50 of which are Chardonnay from some of the finest terroirs in Champagne. Micro vinification, made in house at the Maison’s historic site in Aÿ in 120 small stainless steel vats, reveals a meticulous work, which brings precision to the blends
  • Include a greater proportion of reserve wines, more than 40 from a library carefully developed over time to preserve the wine’s balance and consistency
  • Include a low dosage at the very core of the House’s DNA, at 6 g/L to preserve the characteristic purity of the AYALA style


« The launch of Brut Majeur in AYALA’s signature bottle shape reflects the Maison’s chief ambition to embody what expertise and excellence can achieve when producing Chardonnay in Champagne.
It is a project of passion and craftsmanship that reveals the very essence of Chardonnay in its purest expression.

Hadrien Mouflard Managing Director, Champagne AYALA


The entire range is now bottled in AYALA’s signature bottle shape which brings a more premium feel and an updated visual identity while also providing the perfect environment for the wines to develop over time.
The new shape was inspired by the iconic La Perle bottle, which was launched in 1995. The neck and shoulders have been reworked to bring more finesse and elegance to the design. This is the ideal shape for the wine to develop in bottle as its wide “ optimises lees contact.
The Maison’s iconic design has been elegantly incorporated onto the new bottles and gift packs for Brut Majeur Rosé Majeur and Brut Nature.

The craftsmanship and savoir faire that has gone into making each cuvée is highlighted on the label of each cuvée For Brut Majeur it is ”Assemblage de 70 crus”crus”(A blend of 70 Crus) for Rosé Majeur “Assemblage de 24 crus”crus”(A blend of 24 Crus) and for Brut Nature “Zero Dosage”.
This acts as an invitation for people to read the back labels, which detail precise technical information about each blend.

New Blend, New Bottle Shape - Champagne Ayala


Champagne AYALA is committed to a sustainable approach from vine to glass. The Maison is undertaking no fewer than 18 CSR projects from converting AYALA’s vineyards to organic viticulture, to sustainable packaging and the sharing of expertise

The bottles and Gift Boxes are 100 recyclable and the materials (except the corks) come from France, within a 220 mile radius 350 kms from the Maison.

Champagne AYALA strives to keep a profound respect for Nature, Mankind and the common good at the forefront of everything they do.