Chefs engagés

David Sulpice,Villa Etang Blanc

Chefs Engagés

The House highlights Chefs from around the world and shares their vision on raw materials, human commitment, and tomorrow's challenges in their profession. Meet David Sulpice at the Villa de l'Etang Blanc, the first Chef of our commited community.

For the first season, it became evident to highlight the commitments of David Sulpice, Michelin-starred Chef at the Villa l’Etang Blanc in Seignosse and long-standing partner of the House. Located in the heart of the Landes region, in a traditional Landes house on the edge of a nature reserve, David Sulpice works with and elevates local products sourced from a very short supply chain.

Through this season, discover the Chef’s expertise, his refined and easily understandable cuisine focused on a maximum of 3 ingredients per plate, and delve into the world of the producers who surround him, as well as the future challenges he aims to tackle.

Reveal Exceptional Terroirs

According to David Sulpice, Michelin-starred Chef of Villa Etang Blanc, “Honoring the essence” primarily involves showcasing artisanal expertise. He is committed to collaborating with artisans and small local producers located within just 15km around the Villa. These producers are driven by strong commitments, striving to preserve local culinary heritage.

David Sulpice, La Villa l’Etang Blanc - Champagne Ayala

A Responsible and Sustainable Approach

One of David Sulpice’s strong commitments is to cook without waste; he continually seeks to reuse materials in his kitchen. This approach resonates with the environmental and sustainable practices carried out in the AYALA vineyard and among its winegrowers.

Villa Etang Blanc is also a family project where the transmission of values to future generations remains essential. According to the Chef, the challenges of tomorrow begin with a healthier cuisine, of course, and the ability to retain talent within the team.