Adriana Cavita, AYALA Squaremeal Female Chef Series 2024 - Champagne Ayala

Adriana Cavita, AYALA Squaremeal Female Chef Series 2024

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With a longstanding commitment to the restaurant industry, Champagne AYALA has been a proud partner of Squaremeal since 2018, through the « AYALA SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year Series ». An award highlighting the work and accomplishment of female Chefs on the english cooking scenery, accompanied by series of interviews. Meet Adriana Cavita, the first chef interviewed in this 2024 edition of « AYALA SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year Series »

Adriana Cavita

For many chefs, owning a restaurant is the ultimate dream, a culmination of hard work and dedication. Adriana Cavita realized this dream in May 2022 with the opening of her namesake restaurant in London, receiving rave reviews for her modern takes on classic Mexican dishes.
However, shortly after opening, her visa expired, forcing her to return to Mexico City for eight months. Upon her return, Adriana resumed control, experiencing relief but also stress from the prolonged absence and together with her team, she revamped the restaurant’s menu, wine list, and bar, relaunching her restaurant Cavita.
Despite these challenges, Adriana Cavita remains undeterred, taking advantage of her time in Mexico City to write a cookbook last year, actively participating to several food festivals this year, and even considering a second project, carrying a true entrepreneurial spirit.
Her journey into the culinary world began in Mexico City, drawing her inspiration from her family, her grandmother’s food stall and her grandfather’s farm. True to her origines, Adriana cavita is utterly determined to share her heritage through an authentic cuisine, bringing a piece of Mexico to London.

Initially resistant due to the machismo in Mexican culture, she eventually pursued gastronomy at Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana. Her career flourished in renowned kitchens like Pujol and El Bulli, eventually leading her to London. Despite difficulties in sourcing authentic Mexican ingredients, Adriana stays true to traditional flavors, bringing a piece of Mexico to London.

Adriana Cavita, AYALA Squaremeal Female Chef Series 2024 - Champagne Ayala

Adriana Cavita’s perfect match for AYALA Le Blanc de Blancs A/18

Crab Infladita – puffed corn tortilla stuffed with crab, Pasilla chile, cucumber and kohlrabi in lime and coffee mayo dressing

« I chose a crab infladita – it’s basically a puffed tortilla, deep-fried, a bit like a pani puri. For this one we make a ceviche with crab, and we add carrot, cucumber, jalapeno and parsley, and we mix with a mayonnaise of coffee and Pasilla chiles. Pasilla chile has a slightly raisiny taste and smell. That all goes in the middle of the puffed tortilla, and then we finish with a bit of fresh red onion and jalapeno. It’s quite refreshing but has richness and a bit of oiliness from the mayonnaise, so the Champagne really enhances that and cuts through with citrus and acidity, as well as adding a bit of creaminess. »

Adriana Cavita, Chef and owner of Cavita